Christopher Valle Installations

For over 14 years Christopher Valle Installations has facilitated all of its clients' art handling needs.  From Art consulting to proper installation, including framing, packing and moving, Christopher and his team of professionals streamline any Art project.  We are here to make your Art transform a house to a home, an office to an oasis, or any space to an experience.



Boston late in the summer

One of the perks of visiting high-end residences in Boston is getting some of the best views possible. I love this town. It is very much a part of who I am. I've sponged up the vivacity, the hard winters, the sweltering Summers and it's who I am now more than all the other place I've lived and visited. Getting to know this city/town/neighborhood network has made me so proud to be a Bostonian.

This view is from the southeastern side of the Common looking...west. I've always had a good sense of direction and being able to look out over all the nooks and crannies that grow up out of my gps'd map is like seeing into the layered mind of the city. Thinking of how much goes on twenty, fifty, 200 feet up is a perspective I am glad to add to my first-hand experiences to my own "mapping" of Boston. Plus, look and the Hancock. It's like a USB plug tapping into the atmosphere.